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Artisan - Opulence Labirent Rug Black White

This stunning rug is hand tufted in India and is made from Viscose which is sometimes referred to as Artisans Silk. Viscose has a beautiful effect where the light bounces off the piece and gives an almost shimmery effect. The bold pattern in timeless black & white provides great impact. 

Hand Tufted in India from New Zealand Wool & Viscose 

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Shedding & caring for your rug:

All wool rugs will shed. This should not last forever and should stop or decline after a few months. During this time, wool rugs will settle down, and you should eventually notice that the rug sheds less and less. 

Vacuuming can sometimes cause the rug to shed even more. If you do need to vacuum, avoid using a strong level of suction and try using a hand held suction piece so that you do not put too much pressure on your rug than you need to.

Wool has a natural stain resistance that will help minimise the impact of spillages which will help minimise the dirt seeping into your rug. It is however best to sponge the area immediately with a damp cloth so as to remove as much of the spill as possible.

Size X-Large
Style Geometric
Made in India
Color Primary Black
Design Pattern
Color Secondary White
Material Wool and Viscose

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